Top accessories to go with your wood or laminate flooring

Wood flooring

Here are a few of our top sellers:

Installing a new floor isn't just about laying the floor itself, the accessories that go with it will help give those finishing touches it needs for the high quality desired look.

  • Underlay- there is a vast range of underlay designed for different purposes. They come in a variety of thicknesses and each have there own sound reduction properties built within. When choosing your underlay for sound reduction always remember the higher the decibel rating the more effective it will be! The thickness of the underlay will be dependent on the subfloor. This will be part of the process when a flooring measurer comes out- so don't worry!

  • Beading- the beading is designed to cover up any gaps between the skirting and the wood being installed. Wood beading comes in a variety of colours to match up beautifully with the wood being fitted. This is definitely one to add to your basket when choosing your flooring.

  • Wooden Door plates- they are designed to join the room from where the newly installed wood meets the existing floor or could be new floor to new floor depending on the situation. They come in all different colours, sizes and profiles, so you're free to choose as you please. We will advise you on this also.

  • Skirting board- they can be put on top of the wood being fitted or you can fit the wood up to them if they are already down. I recommend that skirting board is fitted on top of the wood as it gives a beautiful and sophisticated touch. They also come in different styles, sizes and colours so choose at your own pleasure.

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